Rusk Wellness heal Restorative Shampoo

For anyone with dry or damaged hair!

For anyone with dry or damaged hair!

Rusk Wellness heal    Restorative Shampoo

WHAT IS IT? A restorative shampoo.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone with damaged, dry hair.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Cleanses hair while restoring and strengthening damaged, dry hair.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Apply to wet hair and massage in thoroughly. Rinse completely. Repeat if desired.

Heal Shampoo combines panthenol quat with allantoin to counteract scalp irritation, and fig extract with vitamins for exceptional moisturizing results.

 The key organic ingredient is the rare oil of the argan tree found only in Morocco. Argan oil is thought to have many health & cosmetic benefits. Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, vitamin E, argan oil has restorative properties that help repair, strengthen and add youthful luster to damaged hair.