Bright Brightening Shampoo

Specially formulated with color-enhancing Chamomile & Lavender

Specially formulated with color-enhancing Chamomile & Lavender


RUSK Sensories Bright Brightening Shampoo 400ml

WHAT IS IT? A color enhancing, safe, gentle cleansing shampoo that improves the color and tone of lifeless, dull silver, grey or white hair. Adds shine and negates yellow or

brassy tones on high-lighted hair or blonde tinted hair.

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who wants to brighten or revitalize white, grey or blonde hair, both natural and/or highlighted, while negating yellow or brassy tones and releasing astonishing shine.

WHAT DOES IT DO? On grey hair it brightens dull grey tones and adds shine. On blonde hair it negates unwanted brassy tones. Adds protection to all hair types with UVB absorbers.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Apply to wet hair and massage in thoroughly. Leave in 60-90 seconds or longer according to degree of brightening desired, and rinse. Repeat if desired.