Shining Myst

Adds shine & increases movement and softness.

Adds shine & increases movement and softness.

RUSK Shining Myst 125ml (Internal Texture + Shine)

WHAT IS IT? A non-aerosal myst to add sheen and movement.

WHO IS IT FOR? All hair types.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Provides hair with natural-looking lustre. When activated with heat of a hair dryer, Shining adds brilliance, builds an invisible shield to protect the hair and increases ease of movement and softness.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Can be used alone as a styling product – spray evenly throughout length and ends of hair and blow-dry for maximum sheen. Can be used in addition to Str8™ or Thick™ before blow-drying. For added sheen, spray lightly on top of Str8 or Thick and blow-dry as desired. Can be used as a finishing spray – mist lightly and evenly over finished look for maximum sheen and movement.

Internal Texture + Shine with Thermplex – modifies texture from within, completely weightless and soft-to-touch!