RUSK Rotating Thumb Shear Collection

RUSK Center Stage  at  Premiere – Orlando

RUSK Design team in action! The Design team demonstrates how to create texture and movement. And by using bold and vibrant colors to create definition and dimension

The RUSK Rotating Thumb Shear Collection
The RUSK Rotating Thumb Shear Collection




The revolutionary design of the Rusk shears features an open grip, 360 degree rotating thumb with a crane handle design. The open grip reduces thumb travel and leaves the hand in a relaxed neutral position, significantly reducing hand and wrist strain.

The rotating thumb allows the stylist to cut vertically or diagonally with a low stress “elbow down” position.

The crane handle design relieves stress on both the shoulder and wrist and provides the ultimate control when cutting .

The cryogenically tempered steel blades are razor sharp, extremely durable and exceptionally efficient.

Alpha Blade  8-tooth                                      Beta Blade   27-tooth

Gamma Blade    35-tooth                               Delta Blade  5″   &   5.5″