Rusk Miracurl & three different looks!

Miracurl & Beach Waves

How to achieve 3 different looks!

It has been called ‘the biggest innovation’ in hair styling in years.

So how does the Rusk MiraCurl work, in how-to steps? Gently, quickly and easily!

You start curling by clamping a slim section of clean dry hair (around 3cm) near the  crown of the head. Then, release the end of the section of hair, which is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions.  The hair is not put under any tension and it takes just seconds to form a perfect curl. A beeper tells you when the curl is ready for release. With 3 temperature settings,  3 timer settings and the option to select the curl direction, you can use the different combinations to create a variety of styles from highly defined crisp curls to softer beachy waves. And by using different products, from hair spray to shine serum, you can further experiment with the final look.

Here are tips to achieve three very different looks with the Rusk MiraCurl.

For soft curls:

Make sure you start the curls approximately 5-10cm away from the scalp depending on how long your hair is. Have the Rusk MiraCurl on the low (190ºC) or medium (210ºC) heat setting for a softer result. First spray the hair with Rusk Thermal Flat Iron Spray then curl the hair with the Rusk MiraCurl section by section. Run your fingers through the hair from roots to ends to break the curls up. Finish with the Rusk w8less Strong Hold Hairspray for lasting curls.

For soft to medium curls:

Use the Rusk MiraCurl on either the medium (210ºC) or high (230ºC) temperature setting. If your hair is longer, lightly spray with Rusk w8less Strong Hold Hairspray then use the Rusk MiraCurl to curl the hair section by section. Small sections will give a tighter result. Once finished, lightly run your finger through the root area only, this will loosen the hair at the roots and leave the ends curlier. To finish off, use the Rusk Thermal Shine Spray lightly and then the Rusk Strong Hold Hairspray for a lasting effect.

For strong curls:

The key tip for a strong curl, is to take smaller sections and use the higher (230ºC) temperature setting. First lightly spray each section of hair as you go with Rusk w8less Strong Hold Hairspray. Use the Rusk MiraCurl to curl a section. Then pin that section in a rolled curl to the scalp, allowing the curl to cool down and set. Move onto the next section and repeat, pinning the curl to allow it to firmly set. Once you have finished all the sections give all the pinned curls another light spray of Rusk w8less Strong Hold Hairspray and allow to set for 5-10mins. Starting at the nape and moving up, remove all the pins. Lightly run your fingers through the root area without pulling through to the ends. Finish with the Rusk Thermal Shine Spray lightly for that extra glossy look.

The Rusk MiraCurl also introduces a range of products to complement the styling process:

Rusk w8less Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray (150g) and (43g)

This is a strong hold shaping and control hairspray that provides texture, natural shine, and long-lasting, touchable support. All W8less products contain Thermplex, a unique combination of ingredients that activate with the heat of a blow dryer to provide shine, control and condition. Can be used on wet hair as a styling aid to add body, or on dry hair as a finishing spray.

Rusk Thermal Shine Spray (125 g)

A superfine aerosol spray that adds body and shine without buildup while protecting the hair shaft and cuticle. Enriched with silicones to protect and condition the hair where needed most.

Rusk Thermal Flat Iron Spray  (250 g) and (50g) 

A protective, humidity resistant, micro-fine aerosol styling spray, designed to be used prior to thermal styling. Enriched with UVB sunscreens and silicones to protect and condition the hair where needed most. It is formulated to eliminate any frizz and leave the hair smooth, straight, sleek and shiny, helping prevent curl reversion and making styles resistant to environmental elements.