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Anticurl / ANTIFRIZZ – Frizz Remover and Anti-humectant

WHAT IS IT? This innovative frizz remover eliminates frizz, deeply conditions, adds incredible shine, and increases manageability.

WHO IS IT FOR? It’s perfect for clients who want shiny, deeply conditioned hair without frizz.

WHAT DOES IT DO? This two-step process alters the pattern of frizzy hair, leaving hair more manageable and easier to dry and style. With its special blend of plant based keratin, AntiCurl™ ANTIFRIZZ restores hair’s natural protein, helping each strand stay strong and flexible.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? Apply Step A with a brush and comb through once, then gently shake out the hair, squeezing movement into the curls. Allow to process 4-6 minutes, then rinse. Apply Step B with a brush and comb once in the same manner. Allow to process for 5 minutes, then rinse and style as usual.

AntiCurl™ ANTIFRIZZ is an innovative salon service. In approximately 30 minutes, this two-step process removes all frizz from the hair while leaving the hair’s natural curl or wave. Any clients, men or women, can benefit from this convenient low-maintenance service.