Deepshine Curl – Acid Perm

Unique formulation suitable for all hair types!

Unique formulation suitable for all hair types!

New!  Rusk Deepshine Curl – Acid Perm

  • Acid Perm Advanced Curl Technology

Unique formulation for all hair types, creates exceptional firmer, natural looking bouncing curls with a glamorous deep shine. pH = 6.9

  • WHAT DOES IT DO? Natural looking bouncing curls. Quality, respect, and softness of the hair fibre. Preservation of hydration level in hair, and gives tone and flexibility

The ADVANCED CURL TECHNOLOGY yields unsurpassed conditioning and luminous shine while preserving the fibre hydration level.

Precise blend of active ingredients enriched with extracts of honey and collagen, humectants, glycerine to enhance extra moisture

Cationic conditioners and honey equalize porosity, to enable extra protection during the perming session