Rusk Deepshine Oil Volumizing Shampoo

Deepshine Volumizing Shampoo

Performance: Works Very Well

Condition of Hair: Good

Pricing: Great Value

About the Company:  RUSK has one vision in mind — STYLE and DESIGN, which is the cornerstone of the company. In every package from bottles to cans, RUSK personifies pride, passion, creativity and energy.

What is it supposed to DO? Rusk Deepshine Oil Volumizing Shampoo is a gentle, sulfate-free formula ideal for fine, dull hair according to the manufacturer. Designed to cleanse while enhancing body and manageability. Enriched with pure argan oil to impart brilliant shine. Safe for color-treated hair.

How important is scent? Fresh, Clean scent, we loved that it did not conflict with other scents or over power us. This line just smells nice, without trying to describe it deeper we felt that it smelled nice, because that is how we felt when we smelled it.

How does the product feel when you use it?  Creamy texture that was not to thick, felt great in our hands and spread easily when we were shampooing models. We also let them try it at home and come back two days later for more work. They liked it in the shower as well. Great amount of lather.

How does the packaging look and hold up?  Great tube packaging that stands up, easily comes out and does not make you shake the bottle. Simple cap that was did not wobble. Great to keep in the shower or place on your retail shelves.

We put it through the paces!  We put this shampoo (and conditioner because they are a set and we only recommend them together) through some rough paces. It performed period. Cleansed the hair well with two light shampoos, hair felt clean but you can immediately feel it thicken up and start working in the shampoo stage.

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!  We worked with this product a lot because we loved the way it performed on normal to fine hair. We actually found that when we worked on our model a couple of day later it performed even better. So there are cumulative effects to the line that really maximized the volume. We mixed in a couple of drops “Rusk Protective Oil treatment” into the conditioner before a curling session (using curling irons we were testing) and it worked GREAT. Did not weigh it down and the shine was where it needed to be. Hair felt great and was easily style-able. Our friend and Award winning Stylist and Salon Owner Sherri Jessee, a Rusk Platform artist, turned us on to the “Rusk Finishing Hair Spray” to use in combination, her suggestion made a huge difference “just mist it”. Sherri uses the products for her stage work all the time so they have to perform easily. She loves the volume.

Products you will need to complete the experience  AS we Shared this needs to be used with other products in the “Deep Shine Oil” line by RUSK. The Volumizing Conditioner is a MUST, period. You do not need a lot and they are great values, less is more with the conditioner. We also think this needs to be shared with the “Protective Oil Treatment”, again less is more but they work great together. What we also suggest is that when you are not looking for volume, switch off for a few days.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product: Overall I cannot say enough about the products, I liked them and they responded to real hair and real styling well. They are easy to use. When you shampoo you will feel the hair “pump up”, I loved that because we felt it working form the first shampoo.