Rusk Deepshine Oil – A Protective Oil Treatment

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Rusk Deep Shine Oil – A Protective Oil Treatment

Performance:  Works Very Well

Condition of Hair:  Very Good

Pricing: Competitive

About the Company  RUSK has one vision in mind — STYLE and DESIGN, which is the cornerstone of the company. In every package from bottles to cans, RUSK personifies pride, passion, creativity and energy.

What is it supposed to DO? Rusk Deep Shine Oil Protective Oil Treatment Review is a marine mineral-enriched Argan oil treatment that smoothes the cuticle, eliminates frizz, and improves elasticity and hydration, leaving hair soft, silky and manageable.

How important is scent?  This scent is not overpowering but rather a softness comes over you when lightly inhaled. During our testing we worked with it as a styling additive and as well with thermal drying products. (Blow Dryers and Irons for normal people) The scent was soft and stayed fresh & clean while working with it.

How does the product feel when you use it?  The product feels good in your hands. Worked easily into the hair without any residue left in our hands. There was no greasy feeling at all. What we liked is how easy it was to apply.

How does the packaging look and hold up?  Packaging is nice, great box and a simple bottle with a pop up dispenser. The oil is quite lite so be careful when pouring as you do not want to much coming out and all you need is a little bit to work through the hair.

We put it through the paces!   We really put this through some paces because all you hear today is “ARGAN OIL” and we need to separate the hype from the fact. yes we added a few drops to the conditioner and it worked great. When we used it this way we DID not need to reapply we just went straight to styling and the results were really cool. Smooth, Shiny hair with great elasticity (how the hair stretches and shrinks when wet) The drying was nice and full when working with the Volume Shampoo and conditioner so the oil did not “weigh” the hair down as you may have experienced with other oils. This may be due to the fact that we were stingy rather then generous with the product. I found you really did not need to use much to get the results your looking for. Hot rollers and Irons ROCKED. Smooth, shiny and bouncy so this part was super fun. Color treated hair, blown out with natural bristle brush and then hot roller placed throughout… YEAH BABY!

Peter Anthony and his friends share tricks of the trade!  Our friend and Award winning Stylist and Salon Owner Sherri Jessee, a Rusk Platform artist turned us on to getting rid of static with the oil, great for “winter hair”. We are loving the moisturizing effects of the product. BUT we explored a bit more and kept our client on the product for a week. Her color stayed very vibrant and we were all over how great the texture felt. Small applications made a big difference with this hair oil. Our Flat iron cruised through the hair, fast clean and getting the job done. The hair really responded.

Products you will need to complete the experience   We worked with the Deep Shine Oil Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner as we were testing them as well. SOLID TRIO! I think you need all three and would recommend them as a set for your collection. Yes your hair is soft and full so we also think you will need some holding here, the finishing spray was perfect for us.

Peter Anthony shares his last thoughts on the product  If this is your first try at Argan type oils it is a great place to start, great pricing and a little goes the right way. What I would love for you to do is play with the product and get used to how many things it can do. I love the way the hair styles when your using a boar bristle brush and dryer combo … AND WE loved the hot rollers.